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Listening to it feels like competitive spinal surgery: tearing you open, doing something insanely complicated and ill-advised, and sewing you up in just 27 minutes. Vein move quickly and play with diamond-sharp accuracy: a flurry of blast beats will last only a few moments before the chugging of a breakdown slams thing into first gear, and some air-raid siren comes to announce some groove metal. The Wake is the proggiest, knottiest, and most immersive record from the Canadian thrash legends in decades. Since the start, Yob have been an outlet for the various crises of Mike Scheidt, the titanic singer whose rumbling bellow and bell-clear falsetto have mapped canyons of despair and cliffs of hope.

In , though, he found himself facing an intestinal infection that nearly killed him— twice. Scheidt funneled the malaise and his once-doubtful recovery into Our Raw Heart, a seven-song epic that reckons with pain as a method of temporary mortal transcendence. Skip to content Search query All Results.

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High Roller. Black Viper Hellions of Fire. Thrill Jockey.

My Top 13 Metal Bands

Convulsing Grievous. Deafheaven Ordinary Corrupt Human Love. Ghastly Death Velour. Season of Mist. Horrendous Idol. Ilsa Corpse Fortress. Mammoth Grinder Cosmic Crypt. Pig Destroyer Head Cage. Profound Lore. Schammasch Hearts Of No Light. Soen Lotus.

The 20 Best 80's Metal Albums - NME

Insomnium Heart Like A Grave. In Mourning Garden Of Storms. Borknagar True North. Vorna Sateet Palata Saavat. Megadeth Rust In Peace Rust In Peace Death Symbolic Metallica Ride The Lightning Judas Priest Painkiller Metallica Master Of Puppets Opeth Blackwater Park Black Sabbath Paranoid Iron Maiden Powerslave Death The Sound Of Perseverance Agalloch Ashes Against The Grain Agalloch The Mantle Rainbow Rising Opeth Still Life Edge Of Sanity Crimson Dream Theater Images And Words Dio Holy Diver Dream Theater Metropolis Pt.

Slayer Reign In Blood Black Sabbath Heaven And Hell Deep Purple Machine Head Tool Lateralus Black Sabbath Black Sabbath Rush Moving Pictures King Crimson Red Saturnus Veronika Decides To Die Black Sabbath Master Of Reality Rush Death Human Opeth Ghost Reveries Summoning Stronghold Rush Hemispheres King Diamond Abigail Alice In Chains Dirt Sepultura Arise Wintersun Wintersun Nevermore This Godless Endeavor Be'lakor Stone's Reach Vektor Black Future Slayer Seasons In The Abyss Mercyful Fate Melissa Aquilus Griseus The Gathering Mandylion Tiamat Wildhoney Septicflesh Communion Crimson Glory Transcendence Anathema Judgement Ensiferum Ensiferum Ayreon The Human Equation Death Individual Thought Patterns Moonspell Wolfheart Running Wild Death Or Glory Kamelot The Black Halo Windir Draconian Arcane Rain Fell Primordial To The Nameless Dead Candlemass Epicus Doomicus Metallicus Iron Maiden Piece Of Mind Katatonia Brave Murder Day Sepultura Beneath The Remains Porcupine Tree In Absentia Gojira From Mars To Sirius Anathema Alternative 4 In Flames The Jester Race Dark Tranquillity The Gallery Emperor In The Nightside Eclipse Overkill The Years Of Decay Judas Priest Screaming For Vengeance Moonsorrow Kivenkantaja Bathory Hammerheart Iron Maiden Somewhere In Time Morbid Angel Altars Of Madness Sodom Agent Orange Haggard Eppur Si Muove Running Wild Black Hand Inn Shining V - Halmstad Paradise Lost Draconian Times Savatage Gutter Ballet Arcturus The Sham Mirrors Exodus Bonded By Blood Led Zeppelin Led Zeppelin Estatic Fear A Sombre Dance Insomnium Above The Weeping World Opeth Morningrise Pain Of Salvation Remedy Lane Black Sabbath Sabbath Bloody Sabbath Moonsorrow Voimasta Ja Kunniasta Coroner No More Color Dark Tranquillity Damage Done Testament The Legacy Carcass Heartwork Bathory Blood Fire Death Therion Theli Porcupine Tree Deadwing Bolt Thrower Those Once Loyal Insomnium Winter's Gate Opeth My Arms, Your Hearse Pantera Vulgar Display Of Power Megadeth Peace Sells Sanctuary Into The Mirror Black Machine Head The Blackening Nocturnus The Key Tristania Beyond The Veil Atheist Unquestionable Presence Kyuss Kyuss Riverside Out Of Myself Riverside Second Life Syndrome Slumber Fallout Saturnus Martyre Van Halen Van Halen Candlemass Nightfall Kamelot Epica Testament The Gathering Ensiferum Iron Leprous Tall Poppy Syndrome Amorphis Under The Red Cloud Therion Vovin Blind Guardian Somewhere Far Beyond Entombed Left Hand Path Do they deserve to be in the top 10 metal bands of all time?

Yes, for effort. No, for impact. They are solidly placed because they play solid thrash.

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I'm a fan. There is "Them Bones". Even that track alone would make them a notable case for a Metal Top I mean it's iconic- you know it's coming and it knocks you down and runs over you like a thundering steam train of nihilistic existensial pain They are great music, and thankfully didn't find it necessary to 'fit in' with genre stereotype. Lets get this straight. Yes these guys were in the grunge period, and were from seattle, but the nature of their music, particularly Dirt and Facelift, had very strong metal sounds.

I think COB is the best of all ever. And Alexi The Wildchild is guitar guru, I just can't but help listening to them even I can't think of heavy metal without cob Love you! Why 18th? Is this some kind of joke! Children of bodom don't deserve to be in the top 20, they deserve to be in the top 3! People should consider looking at the advantage that this band has. They melodic, fast and skilled!

Alexi and Roope have absolute technique and speed. Watch the bodom beach terrot solo lesson and see how talented Alexi is. Number Come on? Speed King is one of the finest Heavy Metal tunes of all time. Ian Paice best drummer ever working his intricate work with Glover on bass.

Blackmore and Lord like Jazz technicians with 1 million amps and topped off with Gillan screaming away like a banshee. The best! Amazing they help put down the ground work for all recent Metal along with Sabbath. They had the Original Metal in the 70's. Helped with two great albums in the 80's metal shred. Gave us the epic intro to the Battle Rages on in the 90's and In gave us an astounding progressive Metal album Now What!?

Clearly they are one of the best metal bands of all time! Technically good or not, I don't care. They have so many good songs with good riffs and good guitars. You don't have to be fast to be a good guitarist, Ritchie Blackmore Is on my list of good music. I enjoy their music, this is what heavy metal is all about! Why do you make it sound like they're not technically good?

They were some of the most technical musicians at their time. However, it's true that these days there are faster musicians who play fast just to impress, which I find dumb. These guys used speed at the service of melody without looking too much like show-offs. They are epic, were heavy as hell for their time, and are pioneers of metal - no matter what line-up changes went on.

They have released some of the greatest metal albums of all time - 'Machine Head particularly - and that Blackmore riff in the title track of 'Perfect Strangers' is one of the best I've heard since Hetfield and Hammet went stark bonkers with THAT riff in 'Orion'. One of the all-time greats of heavy. I may be the only person who loves them and never played Guitar Hero. I first discovered them when I was playing guitar hero and even just by opening my mind to listen to em.

And in my opinion, DragonForce is obviously my favorite band in metal history.

Greatest Heavy Metal Bands Of All Time

Aside from a few other metal bands of course. They deserve to be on this list and maybe even higher because of everything that they worked hard on every album they band. I know this comment may get a few dislikes, but I don't think Dragonforce should be this high on this list. First off, all of their songs sound exactly the same, as if they took lyrics and solos from their older songs. Second, they aren't even good guitarists, and don't even try to play their solos right.

The only reason why it even made it this high was because everyone liked Through the Fire and Flames, and the only reason why people even know of that song, is because it was on Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock, said to be the hardest song in all of guitar hero, just because of it's intro, which was very easy. You're definitely right about their lyrics sounding the same, but their guitar work is very good. Few guitarists have ever been able to match the speed and talent that they possess.

Why in the world is this band so low? They had such a unique sound with the guitar screeches and a,a zing metal voice. The guitar sound is extreme and I think they deserve to be higher up. Agreed, why the hell is this band down at 44, they are one of the most important bands of not only the 90s, but of all time. Very political, and very heavy. Definitely heavier than most of the bands on this list, and the lyrics are also controversial and heavy. On his best days zach de la rocha would be lucky and I'm reaching to occupy the receptacle tip of a rubber prophylactic filled by any of the latter band members you've just mentioned.

And oh ya his politics suck Look, back in the day they were good, no denying that. But it was all just teen angst gone wild. They're probably all now employed by the machine they were raging against two-decades ago.

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