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Someone purchased a Provence. Someone purchased a Venice. Someone purchased a Sedona.

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Someone purchased a Aspen. Someone purchased a Ebony. Someone purchased a Carmel. Someone purchased a Florence. Someone purchased a Reign.

Someone purchased a Willow. Someone purchased a Redwood. Someone purchased a Edge. Someone purchased a Ring Pendant Love Necklaces. Do not become someone who reacts but stand firm in the things of God so that when you are called upon you will move in power and authority. The main stream media has taken up the cause of the enemy.

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Do not take the bait. Again — they are a very small group of people. The enemy needs us to take offense at what we are seeing on the tv. He needs us to hate one another, to become offended by the things that we are seeing and hearing. In order to get us to react — but you cannot you must remain steadfast this is not the right season for a response from us.

This is not Gods timing it's the enemies…how can I be so sure? The season was caused by godless men who have pushed every political correctness button that they can find to get you into a hyper sense of fear, anxiety and hopelessness…If we respond now it will be from a reactionary place. As believers and children of God WE set the narrative not the enemy.

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We respond in Gods timing. If you have any clue you will understand that the main stream media has completely thrown itself over to the control of the enemy. They no longer report factual information nor are they investigative journalists. Topic 1: Remaining Steadfast To remain steadfast is similar to the word staunch. Download Sermon with PRO. Browse All Media Related Media. Talk about it Nobody has commented yet.

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