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Olesya's program is the best I have seen yet, and I know it will help me to continue being successful in the future! One of the best programs I have ever had a chance to work with.

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Olesya does both. Love her! I just wanted to let you know that my story is in the June issue of Oxygen Magazine!! I just got it today! So exciting, wanted to say thanks again for all your help in reaching my goals last year. Eat delicious foods you love and not what you don't based on the LBF food combinations! It's seriously that easy! Using our proprietary eating methods you eat what you prefer and see results. This way you can use this an blueprint for many years to come, instead of just months.

This workout is perfect for women who want a nice bikini body without any chance of too much ab definition. It seems almost too simple, but works extremely well. Lying leg raises for 5 sets of 20 reps : This is done two times per week.

How To Lose Stubborn Belly Fat in 20 Days

It works best to do these right before your lifting session. This is easier than it sounds. The last two sets burn like crazy. Hip Bridges : These are to be done right after your final set of lying leg raises. Hold a hip bridge for a few minutes and simply push your hips higher and higher as your muscles relax. Planks : Simply one plank hold to the front for 2 minutes and 1 minute on the left and right sides.

Done two times per week. Tips: Do these at a high velocity to get a strong contraction each rep. Decrease rest in between sets as your strength improves. The Thinking Behind This Workout: The lying leg raises are mainly an ab stabilization exercise with just a bit of forward flex. Since it is a stability exercise, there is very little chance of an increase in the size of the abdominal region.

I do this lying leg raise workout on Monday and Friday and I do an intense hanging leg raise workout and renegade rows on Wednesday. This works well for guys with a lot of experience and a strong mind-to-muscle link.

Many People Have Called This The Best Abs Workout Course to Date

There are a lot of men and women who are skinny and pudgy with very little definition at all. High intensity training is probably the key here. Hanging Leg Raises : We need to go straight to the exercise with the biggest bang for the buck. Obviously most will need to progress from knee ups, to the bent leg version, but the goal is to work up to straight leg hanging leg raises. Renegade Rows : These will be done for 5 sets of 3 reps per side. This will be done after hanging leg raises.

The goal here will be to start light and slowly add weight until you are using some pretty heavy dumbbells in this lift. Ab Wheel Roll-Outs : Two times per week, you will want to do ab wheel roll-outs.

Mike Banner’s The Okinawa Flat Belly Tonic Review

The cheap ones are fine. From your knees, roll out the ab wheel one foot at a time… holding each position for 10 seconds… then roll back in one foot at a time. Hip Bridges : Done for minutes to stretch out the abs, hip flexors, quads, etc. They need to blitz the abs with the toughest exercises and save the detail stuff for later. This should be worked for 6 months minimum before moving on. After 6 months the former skinny fat person should have a much greater degree of muscle development in the abs and then choose a more specialized workout at that time. Possible Tweaks: Drop the ab wheel roll-outs.

You could also do hanging leg raises 4 times per week about weeks before you decide to change your workout up. This would result in over-training if done long-term, but will push a little more development if only done for a month. Also… if you feel strong enough, add in a few of the more advanced hanging leg raise variations. All of these routines will hit the lower abs, but you can target the lower abs even further by focusing mainly on various leg raises.

This workout is only meant to be done for weeks max. I like to use this one before spring to ensure that my lower abs are up to par, before hitting my summer prep ab workout. Lying Leg Raises : Four times per week. Work your way up to 5 sets of 20 reps. No matter how strong your abs become, those last 2 sets of 20 reps are brutal! Hip or Back Bridges : Spend some time and really make sure that you release all of the tension from the abs and hip flexors. Tips: As your strength improves, speed up the reps.

This will keep tension on the lower abs throughout the entire movement.

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As you improve in strength you will be able to quickly reverse the downward motion into an upward motion. We are also pushing the volume and frequency to the brink of over-training. Doing this for a long period of time would surely result in over-training, but for weeks it will result in extra work for your lower abs. This extra work will pay off in extra definition…as well as a permanent mind-to-muscle improvement in the lower abs.

Possible Tweaks: Replace 2 of the lying leg raise workouts with hanging leg raises. For the hanging leg raises, just make sure the focus is on the bottom portion of the movement. If you raise your legs too high, the tension moves away from your lower abs to your upper ab region. To get really deep six pack abs, we are going to have to add in a little more of the exercises that flex the spine forward a bit. Since we are going to flex the spine forward, extra care needs to be taken to work hip bridges and back bridges.

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  8. Aim for 5 total sets. Work your way up to 5 sets of 10 reps. It will take a while to reach this level. Do one set of these to failure. Just hold on to the bar and steadily swing your knees to the right… dip your knees back down towards the middle… then back up to the left. Renegade Rows : 5 sets of 3 reps. Work your way up to some heavy dumbbells. Planks : One static front plank hold for at least 2 minutes. This is going to hurt. If you are a sicko, you can work up to 3 minutes.

    Hip or Back Bridges : Do these for at least 5 minutes as soon as your ab workout is done. Do these again sometime late in the day at home if possible. Tips: The feet to the bar bent leg raises can be done in a slow and steady manner or you can do more explosively. Only use explosive reps on this exercise if your back has been injury free. For the swinging side to side bent knee ups, your grip will fail before you tire your abs out. When you increase the strength of your grip it has a carry over effect to the rest of the muscles in the upper body. Really this is about as tough as it gets.

    One of my college buddies was in an amateur bodybuilding contest put on by a sorority and his main focus was this exercise. It transformed his abs from decent to outstanding in about 3 months.

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    Make no mistake about it, this is the main focus. Then we do a burnout exercise which fatigues the obliques to a certain extent. Then create density with Renegade Rows. This is an outstanding ab routine that you can use for months at a time.

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    Possible Tweaks: You can switch up anything after the tough feet-to-bar hanging leg raises. If you are short on time just do those, planks, and then a few minutes of bridges and you would still have an outstanding workout. So like the previous deep abs routine, we are going to have to add in a little more of the exercises that flex the spine forward a bit. Again, these hip bridges and back bridges need to happen.

    Remember this exercise really just focuses on the forward flexing motion even more than the regular version. You are going all the way until your feet touch the bar, but only going as low as where your thighs are parallel with the floor. Once you reach this point curl your pelvis as you lift your feet back up to the bar.

    Aim for 5 sets of 10 reps. I know that sounds impossible, but it will make more sense when you see the description of the next exercise. The idea is tack on regular hanging leg raises, or knee ups, after you complete each set of your previous exercise.