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Taken literally, the story of Child Eater is about a babysitter terrorized by a madman, but it is also about the transition from childhood to adulthood, and the consequences of turning our backs to problems instead of facing our fears head on.

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With your help, we can make it all come true. We've got a great script and have assembled some amazing talents to bring this horrific vision to life. If you like a good and cathartic fright - and lets be honest, who doesn't? There are many pieces to the filmmaking puzzle and while most can be secured on a low budget, there still very much needs to be an appropriate budget. Every penny counts and we are incredibly grateful to all of you who deem this project worthy of your support.

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Check out the FAQ. All of the above, a DVD of the finished film and a promise from Robert Bowery not to harm your children. Dec 1, - Jan 30, 60 days. Share this project Done. Tweet Share Email.

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Child Eater. A simple night of babysitting takes a horrifying turn when Helen realizes the boogeyman really is in little Lucas' closet. Erlingur Thoroddsen. Share this project. Nothing too groundbreaking, really, but on the surface, it has potential. Now I must admit I was particularly excited to finally see this film, and my anticipation was high.

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Perhaps this anticipation is the root of my disappointment, because, unfortunately, I was let down by this movie. Everything else though is just…forgettable. While it is just under an hour and a half long, it feels much longer.

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However, what makes Child Eater fall short is its noncommittal feeling. It halfheartedly attempts to build atmosphere, and fails miserably.

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Shots of the woods on a dreary afternoon just feel lifeless and flat, and those same woods at night just feel murky and pointless. The shots of eyeless dolls that are supposed to be chilling and eerie just come off as laughably cheesy — something that by should be relegated to a nu metal video instead of a serious horror film.

Everything in this movie feels incredibly murky. The way it looks, the pacing, the dialogue, the plot.

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All of it is a mushy mess. A little mystery goes a long way. The ending is something right out of Horror Tropes that is supposed to be shocking and pessimistic, but is ultimately predictable and eye-rollingly bad.

Unlike other movies that use the concept of childish fear as a storytelling tool to immerse in the mind of a child and thus enhance our own fear, Child Eater just comes off as childish and juvenile. Author Recent Posts. Justin Lore.